4001 Termanto FixThermal Insulation Board Adhesive Mortar (Fiber)


It is a fiber-reinforced, thermal insulation adhesive mortar with high flexibility and adhesion strength, breathable, resistant to adverse weather conditions, water and impacts.

► Cement Based
► Indoors and Outdoors
► Water and Frost Resistant
► Fiber Reinforced
► Easy To Apply
► Time and Labor Savings

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• Indoor and outdoors,
• It is used for bonding thermal insulation boards Expanded polystyrene - EPS and extruded polystyrene - XPS.

• Easy to apply, provides excellent adhesion.
• Resistant to water and frost.
• Not affected by temperature changes.
• Flexible.
• Provides high stability, does not sag and crack.

a) Surface Preparation:
The surface should be dry, clean, sound and free of dust, oil, dirt or adhesion preventive materials should be cleaned from the surface and materials such as mortar and cement residues should be scraped. Repair of surface defects with a depth of more than 2 cm should be eliminated with Termatect Repair Mortar 24 hours before the application. In cases where structural repair mortar is required, Termatect Structural Repair Mortar should be used.

b) Product Preparation:
25 kg 4001 Termanto Fix Thermal Insulation Board Adhesive Mortar is added into 6 - 7 lt of clean water and mixed with a low speed mixer in a way that there is no lump. The prepared mortar is rested for 5-10 minutes to mature and used by again mixing for 1-2 minutes. The mixture in the container should be consumed within 2 hours.

c) Application Method:
If there are curvatures on the surface, 4001 Termanto Fix is applied continuously along the four edges of the thermal insulation board and in the middle of the board in three groups. Care should be taken that the adhesive does not overflow the edges of the board. If the surface is very smooth, it can be applied with a 10x10 notched trowel to the back of the board with 4001 Termanto Fix chiseling method. During application, it should be ensured that 4001 Termanto Fix does not form film on the surface. Insulation boards glued with 4001 Termanto Fix should be doweled after a minimum of 24 hours, then the boards should be plastered with Termatect Thermal Insulation Board Plaster Mortar (Fiber).


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