Chemical Strength of Structure

High Performance

We constantly work to improve our performance. When we decide to do a job, we complete it in the best, most accurate, most efficient and timely manner possible.

Strong R & D Structure

The R & D department, where many formulations, laboratory trials and development of existing products are carried out, adds strength to the missions of Termatect Construction Chemicals.

Our Quality Policy

To understand all kinds of needs of our customers, to add value to the sector in which we operate with continuous improvement of our processes and performance, to meet their expectations with high quality, innovative products and services.

High Technology

Our laboratories carry out analyzes using advanced technology devices and international methods. We get fast and reliable results.

Customer Happiness

Müşteri memnuniyeti şirketinizin bugünü ve geleceği için en önemli unsurlardan biri olarak sunduğunuz tüm hizmet ya da ürün kalitesi kadar değerlidir.


Who are we

Güler Seramik Ltd. Şti. Has been operating in the construction sector since 1988. Terma Yapı Kimyasalları Ltd. Şti. Sti. Was established in 2010.

In our facility which has 12.000 m² open area and 5.200 m² closed area in Adana Organized Industrial Zone; continues to produce construction chemicals with a wide range of products. In our company; It serves with a total capacity of 261 tons / day, including 225 tons / day powder production and 36 tons / day liquid production.

Quality continues to work as a priority target, believes in its specialized staff, follows scientific and technological innovations, and works with a sensitive understanding of the latest consumer satisfaction.

Our principles

We aim to achieve success by adopting the highest standards of corporate behavior towards every individual, society and every environment we work with, and to carry our corporate identity that we create together with our employees, customers and suppliers to perfection. Excellence is not a choice but a requirement of our business and our main goal has been to achieve this goal since the day our company was founded.


Together with its manager, employees and suppliers, we are determined to do our best in order to ensure sustainable development in our company's effective and successful works and to protect the environment in all processes of the products we produce. Only in this way are we aware that we can contribute to the efforts and efforts of leaving a healthy, livable nature to future generations.


Our company considers people as the most valuable asset in all its activities. While conducting our activities, especially our employees; We aim to eliminate or minimize the risks that our factory visitors, business partners and other stakeholders may be exposed to, and to ensure the development of health and safety culture and the development of standards.



Export to Country

Shipping Width



Turkey In General



Wide Product Range



Daily Capacity

100% Domestic Production

We contribute to the economy with domestic production. Our products, which are produced with high quality standards, are accepted and used in world markets. We offer hundreds of different products that can be used in the renovation and restoration of old buildings, from the foundation laying of the construction to the concrete casting, from the insulation works to the elaborate works of the so-called fine work.


We offer products that maximize the profitability of our customers and increase their productivity. The main purpose of our price policy is to reflect the economic advantages gained by our simplified business processes as price advantage to our customers.


  • Quality is our focus.
  • Our customers are valuable.
  • Our job is our passion.
  • Wherever you are, we're there.
  • Perfect production is our basic philosophy.
  • We are with you with 100% domestic capital.